Top 10 Fishing Vacation Destinations

Jennifer Bailey
Fishing was once the only way populations residing on the coastlines could survive. Even in today's age of technology, fishing activities provide livelihood for many people in developing nations. For those who no longer need to depend on fishing, the industry has become a lucrative lure for tourism.
Fishing vacations are holidays where majority of the time is spent out on the waters, hunting for fish and bringing the largest catch home. The entire tour can be arranged by tour operators and is designed to give the vacationers the best of fresh and saltwater fishing experience. Thus, an ideal fishing vacation takes individuals from the interiors to the deep sea, enabling them to indulge in fly-fishing, estuary fishing, and coastal fishing. The destinations can be arranged as per the choice of the vacationers and depending on it more time can be spent on fly-fishing or coastal fishing or any other fish-related activity that catches the fancy of the travelers.
In the places near the coastlines, fishing is not just an activity; it is the means of livelihood for many and a skillful art for others. The top fishing vacation destinations lie mainly in the tropics. Thus, places such as Los Cabos in Mexico, Quepos in Costa Rica, the Andaman Islands in India, or Canberra in Australia are some of the famous places for dream fishing vacations. In addition, tropical islands such as Mauritius, Java, Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Bahamas are excellent fishing spots that rank among the top in the world. Also on the saltwater trail for the top fishing in the world are Zanzibar in Tanzania with its high-speed sports fishing and Caamano Sound in Canada with some of the nest king salmon heists on offer. Marbella in Spain, and Turkey's coastal regions, are apt destinations for a bout of Mediterranean fishing. Equally exotic are the Guinea Islands, the Forra River Basin in Norway, and Phuket, Thailand.
Depending on traveler perspective and the kind of fishing available, a large number of destinations worldwide can try for a break in the list of the top ten fishing vacation destinations.
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