Lake Tawakoni was impounded in 1960 and is located on the Sabine River in Texas. It is approximately 15 miles from Greenville TX. It has 37,879 acres of water with a maximum depth of 70 ft. and a pool level of 437 ft. Lake Tawakoni Texas (TX), is located on the South Fork and Cowleech Fork of the Sabine River.
 It covers Van Zandt, Rains, and Hunt counties
Texas, and is approximately 15 miles south of Greenville.
Known for it's great bass fishing,  anglers love to fish on Lk Tawakoni. In addition to great Bass fishing, there is an abundance of Striped Bass which makes it the perfect fishing vacation for the whole family.

There are 9 RV Parks and Marinas on Lake Tawakoni with most being on the eastern part of the lake. Most offer a boat launchs and RV spaces with 30 amp and also 50 amp RV hookups. Many also offer annual rates which is popular for our northern friends. Park rates are from $20 to $25 per night with the off season being somewhat less. It is recommended that you reserve your space well in advance on Lake Tawakoni as it is a popular destination during the peak season.

Lake Tawakoni Cabins for rent are easy to find and are quite affordable. Check with various marinas and private campgrounds for availability. Be sure to make reservations well in advance due to the popularity of Lake Tawakoni. Also make sure you understand what is included with the rental. The cabin can come complete with everything you could possibly need, or it can be wilderness camping where you must bring your own linen and kitchen utensils. 

Fishing Reports indicate that Striped Bass are the most popular on Lake Tawakoni, as anglers come from around the country to fish Lake Tawakoni. Crappie fishing is only fair on the lake with live minnows and jigs being preferred. Be sure to get the latest Lake Tawakoni fishing report when planning a trip to Tawakoni Lake. Catfish are another popular fish on Tawakoni. You can do best by using cut bait or stinky bait.

Lake Tawakoni Texas is probably one of the more popular lakes in Texas. Be prepared for a fishing vacation you’ll never forget.



 John Tatman is a avid fisherman who reports on popular Lake Tawakoni fishing.





How To Fish Lake Tawakoni Texas (TX)